Reframe for success

Reframing Skill for Success

Whatever the situation, it’s only your mental frame that matters. If you think it’s bad- it’s bad. If you think it’s good- it’s good. More importantly, it will be better with this second mental frame. You’ll be in a more resourceful state to find a positive outcome. Reframing as a technique was made popular by […]

Five things to remember & two things to never forget.

Memory Systems by Nuvonix

Ever heard the rule of five, plus or minus two? That’s about how many things we can keep in our short term memory. Forgetting stuff is standard brain behaviour. It’s an evolutionary asset, especially today. We automatically dismiss information to ‘housekeep’ our mind. Information that excites us, stays in our mind longer. Information that is […]

Psycho Cybernetics- 60 years on

nuvonix references psychocybernetics

Since Maxwell Maltz wrote Psycho Cybernetics, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about the mind and human behaviour. What Maltz nailed was the concept of a self-image guidance system within us all. Maltz described an automated subconscious feedback system that keeps our behaviour within the bounds of our self-image.

We’re all eidetic

were all eidetic

Humans are wired to seek out and be guided by mental images. Check the bible references to visualisation. What you can hold firmly in your mind- you manifest. Visual images, powerful, clear, unambiguous mental images will help you move in the desired direction. As part of Nuvonix is intensive mental visualisation training. Are you ready?

Hello Hello

nuvonix-use more of your mind

Wherever you are in life, at school, work, or as an entrepreneur, you have to leverage your knowledge, experience and intuition for success. Using more of mind will give you an edge, an advantage in your unique situation. Learn more, faster, concentrate, solve problems and amaze your friends with powerful insights to improve your situation. […]